October 9, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution

Color Club Revvvolution. Black with slight linear holographic. I've learned this is the dud version and the least holographic of them all which totally bums me out since I bought this back in 2009! Back before this was supposed to be an issue? *sigh* At least I'll always have my OPI My Private Jet to layer over black. You can see Scrangie's picture here. Look at how holo hers is! Needless to say I am disappointed.


  1. It's sad there are duds of this. My replacement bottle is about as holo as this is, but the original was like a straight oil slick, so cool.

  2. I wish companies would stop messing with the holos. Or at the very least, if we could all find a website where they still have the originals in stock. My Revvvolution is also a complete dud.