October 11, 2011

CND Pink Wishes

Pink Wishes. Milky pink creme. It was a bit sheer for me so this is four coats. I want to say they were going for a jellyish look since the formula is not what I've come to expect from them. It was patchy at first, but evened out after the four coats.

Pink Wishes Pearl. Pink pearl topcoat. One coat over Pink Wishes. It reminds me of Violet Shimmer. I should note that this set is limited edition. It is very nice and subtle. The effect gives you that extra something if the Pink Wishes color is a bit plain for you.

A comparison of a few pinks that I own. Pinky (left) and ring are CND Pink Wishes. Ring is Rescue Beauty Lounge Lulu and index is Essie Pop Art Pink. This was four coats on all of them.


  1. I just got my set in the mail this morning and can't wait to try it! I had hoped the color would have been more pigmented though :-( But it looks absolutely perfect with the 4 coats. I think the shimmer would look great on darker colors too!
    Btw, you need the Plum Truffle set too!!

  2. oooooh i neeeed this!!!! so lovely. pinks really pop out on me. but i love the shimmer of this one 4 coats is kind of annoying.. but this is really pretty

  3. Wow what a yummy, squishy looking pale pink polish!

  4. Ruth, I know! I am plotting an order for that one soon haha. I do love how jelly it looks though.

  5. it is a pretty combination, but not very unique, i will keep using essies kisses and bises over pink it will be siilar :)