September 1, 2011

Nail Wheel Comparison

Hey Everyone! Today I have for you a quick swatch on a nail wheel comparison of ChG Westside Warrior and OPI Uh Oh Roll Down The Window.

I meant to put these on my nails for comparison, but Tuesday night is trash night and in an unfortunate accident wheeling the trash can out to the curb, I broke a nail and even got a tiny cut :( So I do apologize for doing this on a nail wheel. But atleast for another day I'm not getting any acetone near my skin.

So here goes, bottle and nail wheel comparisons. In both pictures OPI is on the left and the China Glaze is on the right.

They're similar in that they both dry darker than they look in the bottle and they're green. But as you can see, Westside Warrior is a darker olive than the OPI.

Well, that's it from me for today! I hope you're all doing well, enjoying the near end of the week and have a goodnight!

Edit: I forgot to mention something important. I know it's only pre-season still but it's the pre-season finale game for Chicago Vs. Cleveland @ Soldier Field. That's right, the Bears are playing tonight. I know they're 2 for 1 right now, but just a little more than a week before the season starts. Get your football jersies/jerseys (sp? what's the plural of a jersey?) out girls and wear those team colors :D GO BEARS!!!


  1. Great comparison!

  2. Thanks for the comparison. I think it's important to really see these things for folks who are not sold on this being part of their stash for years to come as let's face it, 1 yr from now we are not going to be wearing this phase of green that is pushing at us this fall. It did not work in the past when it was tried - OPI and a few others in around 97 I want to say had some olive greens. I think for those tight on # and they want to get just one green in this hue to try and be in the trend can pick better. Good point that they do look darker on than in the bottle which is the case for most all polishes I find. My fav in this 'trend' are the 2 that Zoya came out with in their Mirrors and their Smoke collections for fall 2011. There also are some that have green cast to them in the fall Essie which surprised me when I could not see it at all in the bottle.

  3. I have Westside Warrior and love it!!!