August 28, 2011

Make Up Store Britta and Giveaway details!!!

This is one of their hologram polishes. It's such a beautiful linear holo. This was only 1 coat over their own Aqua Fix base coat. Please excuse the crap picture, it's a phone cam pic. 

Now onto the details of the giveaway. Jan and I have been discussing it and while we still have not finished gathering all of the items that will be in each prize package, we do have the details worked out. So I wanted to share those with you guys right now before it gets any later.

There will be 1 CONUS drawing and 1 OCONUS drawing.

Any person wishing to enter the drawing must post a comment in the designated entry with their first name, e-mail address, blogger name, twitter name (if applicable) and country of residence. Comments will be screened so that only Jan and I will be able to see your information.

Each contestant has the opportunity to have 2 tickets in the drawing for their country. 1 ticket will be for following our blog on blogger and the other ticket will be for following us on twitter.

1 comment entry per person.

 Must be atleast 18 years of age to enter or have your parents' permission. Especially if you win, we want to make sure that if you are a minor, you will be allowed to give us your information for sending your prize out.

The giveaway will be open and announced once we have the prizes completely put together. The post will have a link to where the comment entries must be made, a recap of the rules with any additional details and a picture of the prize packages.

We will leave the post for comment entries open for 1 week. After the cut off time, no other entries will be allowed.

There will be 2 identical prize packages. Both winners will be chosen at random in a drawing, which will be videotaped live and posted on the blog via youtube.

I think that's it. We don't want to make it too complicated. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying a lazy Sunday!!!