December 2, 2010

Finally Back!

I just wanted to say, 'Thank You!' to everyone for their well wishes and kind words. These last few weeks have been pretty rough. And to be honest, my hands have been so neglected :( But I figured the best way to get back into the groove of things would be to start polishing and posting again!

So, I have a couple of looks for you guys today. Right now will be Essie's Sew Psyched and once Youtube stops giving me a hard time with the uploads, I'll post my swatches :)

This was actually my first time wearing this color (Sew Psyched) and was surprised at how much I love it! I thought, meh, shimmer, who cares, I love my Khaki Vert! But when I put it on , I was like, oh my gosh, so pretty! So here it is:

Outdoors in direct sunlight

Outdoors in the shade

This was 2 coats of the polish. It applied really easily and evenly in my opinion. My only complaint is that Essie does not agree with me 99% of the time. And this proved to be one of those times. I have chipping in 2 spots already and I'm only on day 2 :( Other than that, I've gotten lots of compliments on this color and wouldn't hesitate to wear it out again!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll update with swatches later on!


  1. this is so pretty! im dying to try this color!

  2. Thank you! And you should totally rock this color, it is super gorgeous and I'm sure it'll look wonderful on you :D