October 1, 2010

Orly It's Not Rocket Science, Zoya info and wowsocool update!

Yay, it's October 1st! One of my favorite months of the year :D So to start things off, I've got on Orly's It's Not Rocket Science. This is a really cool green. It's from the Cosmic FX Collection, so it is definitely a duochrome. Not as obviously duochromey as Space Cadet. But you can definitely tell in different lighting and different angles. From what I've seen it goes from a golden green to darkened green and sort of aqua tealish at some angles. Initially Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl were my favorites, but I think this one is growing on me the more I look at it!

So first things first, here's a million pictures of it at different angles and different light settings.

Indoors without flash

Outdoors in the shade without flash

If you click to enlarge this one, you can see some of the blue on the nails really well!

Outdoors in direct sunlight without flash

And here's a video where I tried to show you how it changes colors at different angles. This was outside in the sunlight and now I realize that I probably should have done a third coat :X

Now down to business. Did you guys hear about the new Zoya Fire & Ice Collection? Apparently this is their Winter 2010 Collection, which the timing works out perfectly because I've actually been meaning to place a Zoya order. And when I went to check out the website this morning, I saw this:

Doesn't it look gorgeous?! Some quick googling and I was able to see swatches on other awesome nail blogs (Scrangie, Temptalia, The Nailphile, Karlasugar). So, go look for yourself if you don't believe me! Hopefully I'll have this in hand in the next couple of weeks. I need to narrow my official order list down. But in the meantime, here are color descriptions from Zoya:

Tiffany - Soft champagne sparkling metallic
Gloria - Pink champagne sparkling metallic
Crystal - Frosty blue sparkling metallic
Lisa - Celebration red sparkling metallic
Sarah - Possibly the prettiest sparkling red metallic ever!
Valerie - Deep purple baby in a sparkling metallic

But also, I wanted to take another moment to let you guys know about a giveaway that www.wowsocool.com is doing! Click here to go to their blog and read the details. If you've been wanting to try your hand at Konad, this is probably a great way for you to get started. Both Jan and I have ordered from WSC several times and have never had anything but wonderful service! You can also follow them on Twitter here.

Well, that's it from me for today. I'll hopefully be back next week with some Venomous Villains swatches and comparisons. Have a fun and safe weekend and good luck to anyone who enters the contest!

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