October 4, 2010

Comparison: MAC Venomous Villains and Orly Cosmic FX

Hellooo! Today I have for you a comparison of 2 polishes from MAC's Venomous Villains Collection and 2 from Orly's Cosmic FX Collection. I've seen lots of commentary online about how the MAC polishes are more duochrome or have more sparkle than the Orlys, while others state that they're exactly the same. So in order to draw my own conclusion, I had to conduct my own investigation! The following are the results in pictures and video :D

First of all, we'll do Space Cadet and Mean & Green. In all pictures (and the video) I have the Orly on my ring and index fingers while the MAC is on my pinky and middle fingers. All were 3 coats with top coat.

Direct sunlight without flash

Outside in indirect sunlight without flash

And now on to Formidable! Vs. Galaxy Girl. In all these pictures (and the video) the Orly is on my ring and index fingers while the MAC is on my pinky and middle fingers.

Direct sunlight without flash

Indirect sunlight without flash

And now, the video showing them at different angles and lighting. I did switch hands while filming so I apologize for the overall clumsiness of the video.

Can you see any difference? Because I honestly can't. At first while they were still wet I thought maybe the MAC polishes were appearing more 'flecks' in it. But once they dried, they looked the same! And in my opinion although they definitely look like they took some steroids in the bottle, on the nail I can't see a difference in amount of sparkle or duochrome. You see my pictures and my videos and they are what led me to my conclusion.

Now, if I had to choose and only pick one, I'd pick the Orlys over the MAC. Simply for the reason that the Orly bottles have 18ml of polish while the MAC bottles only come with 10ml. Plus, the Orlys are less expensive! You get 18ml for $10 (or less depending on where you buy them) and you get MAC's 10ml polishes for $13.

Well, that's it from me for today! Until next time, thanks for stopping by, have a great evening and here are some bottle pictures in my lightbox for your viewing pleasure :D

L-R: Formidable!, Mean & Green

L-R: Galaxy Girl, Formidable!, Mean & Green, Space Cadet


  1. Such a great comparison post! I opted-out on the MAC's and got the Orly's, but could not pass up MAC's BF... :\

  2. AllThingsNails - Thanks! I ordered all 3 and am happy to have backups for my Orlys :p But my BF was backordered :( So I'm keeping my hopes up that it will find it's way to me!

  3. love this manicure! your nails look great and this unique color suits them! your blog is great thanks so much for the comparisons!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  4. This is a really awesome comparison post! Thank you! I'm convinced that people who claim that the MACs are more sparkly or whatever than the Orlys are just trying to justify buying them both. LOL.

    I agree too that the Orly's are the way to go here, unless you just like the MAC names better. Which I do...Mean and Green and Formidable sound so much better than Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl. But those MAC bottles for those prices are a nono.

    I also wish that instead of making Halley's Comet, Orly had made a dupe of Bad Fairy. That would have been so much better, because then I wouldn't have had to buy any MACs. LOL.

  5. Toesthattwinkle, thank you! I'm glad you like the blog. I'm now a follower of yours, I voted on your poll for more nail swatches! :D

    ChaosButterfly, Thank you also! I'm glad you like the comparison. And I have to agree with you about people trying to justify getting both by either saying one is more awesome looking or just going by the names they like more ;)

    As a coupon clipping mom though, I have to favor the one that gets you more bang for your buck, you know? And I also totally wish they would have had a dupe for BF! At the rate MAC sells out, you'd think they'd make more of an item :( But a dupe from a different brand would definitely help more of us to have pretty sparklies! :p

  6. oh my these polishes are so lovely. i think i'd rather have the orly ones since they are cheaper! nice swatches :)


  7. Wow. They look IDENTICAL. Like, to the point that it might be possible that they're both using the same formula. I wonder how they get away with that.