September 20, 2010

Quite possibly my most favorite Chanel ever...

So after seeing reviews and swatches on the Chanel Khaki collection I figured I should get the one color I thought I couldn't live without. That was Khaki Vert! So I ordered it online since there are no boutiques near me. Boy am I glad I did! This is the green of my dreams! It's greyish, it's muted and it does remind me a lot of the OD green fatigues my Dad used to wear when he was in the Army (a loooooooong time ago!). You know, when they were all solid green, no camo pattern or anything yet. It's awesome and what I like best about it is that it doesn't obviously bring out the red in my skin like a lot of other greens do!

My only complaint so far about this polish is that it chipped within 12 hours of putting it on. To be fair, I was moving around a lot of stuff in the garage (heavy duty handwork), but still, it was quite disappointing :( So please excuse the little chip in my middle finger and scratched up topcoat, it was the box's fault!

2 Coats in indoor light without flash
I don't know about you guys, but if I could afford it, I'd get like 40 backups so I can wear it everyday! Well that's it for today. Hope y'all had a great weekend and a not so manic Monday. Goodnight! :D

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