September 27, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Football season, that is! Yes, the time of the year when you can go enjoy yourself with a great meaty meal and beer at tailgate parties, or go to the store wearing your team's jersey and no one will look at you twice! So in honor of my favorite team playing tonight (Go Chicago Bears!), I decided to show my spirit by matching my makeup to my Jersey. I have a #54 Urlacher jersey that I wear during their games. And this was my interpretation of a Bear's spirit manicure!

Now, first let me apologize for the obvious booboos. Please keep in mind I did a very hasty job on this because I was in a terrible rush. Not only did I put the top coat on a bit thick (you can see the bubbles) but I dinged my nail with the camera lens and they're not dry yet! ARGH! I didn't invest the time to try and fix it or change it though because it's only going to be on for today. I think considering I'll be wearing orange eyeshadow with blue liner and orange and blue nails with my orange and blue jersey, that the bears will get my good vibes all the way at Soldier Field and won't mind one bit :p Of course we know, if they lose, it'll all be my fault for being such a jerk :( I do hope the Bears win tonight. Go Hester, Go Urlacher, Go, Go, Go Bears! :p

Direct Sunlight

Indoors light without flash

Here's a short video showing how shiny they look!

I used American Apparel's Mount Royal as the base blue, then I did a stripe of orange with OPI's Hot & Spicy and put a thin coat of OPI DS Treasure on top of that. Then the shimmery blue stripe is Orly's Lunar Eclipse and the dots of course are also OPI DS Treasure. That's it from me for today. Thanks for looking and hope you guys are enjoying football season as much as I am! :D


  1. While I can appreciate that you're 1)An awesome chick Football Fan 2) Used these colors 3) Did a great mani in the spirit of your team...I must express my die-hard Bronco loyalty ;).

  2. I think for rushed nails these look great! I love the color combo.

  3. Freshie, There's nothing wrong with liking another team! In fact, I think it's great that you're also a football fan. IMO there aren't enough females who declare their love for football, even though I know some who secretly love it! Good luck to your team this season :D

    Let them have polish! and Lily nail, Thank you so much for the compliments! I'm glad you guys like it :D