September 14, 2010

Back in Black.....not really :p

Purple is close to black, isn't it? Ok maybe not really. But I have that song stuck in my head! I was out of state for a couple of weeks and just got back in a few days ago. So I can procrastinate no longer. Here I bring to you 2 1/2 nail looks. I say 2 1/2 because one is just a polish layered over another. So it doesn't count as a completely different look, right? Atleast I don't count it as a different look. So without further ado, here is MAC's So Rich, So Pretty indoors without flash.

This one was pretty hard to capture. It has sort of a blue reflect to it that got lost somewhere in my pictures. But it's a gorgeous purple. Really hard to describe because at some angles I could swear it's more red based and flashes pink? But maybe that's just my mind playing tricks on me :p

Well, to spice it up a bit I added 1 coat of one of my purple frankens. I used Sally Hansen's Purple Pizzazz and mixed it with Urban Decay's ID. The result was a crazy multi color reflecting jelly. Here it is over So Rich, So Pretty.

Indoors without flash

Outdoors in direct sunlight without flash

Here's a video of it since I couldn't quite capture it's shimmery goodness in photos that well.

And lastly, my 9/11 mani. I did just take the pictures today so please excuse the tip wear and over all raggedy look of it. It is now 6 days old. It's coming off tonight so I should have a fresh look to share in a couple of days with y'all! :D But for this I used American Apparel's Factory Grey and for the flag I used Orly's White Tips (from the french tip set), BB Couture's Vampire Bite for the red stripes and my Starry Starry Night dupe over OPI's Ogre The Top Blue for the blue and stars.

That's about it from me. Hope you guys enjoyed and have a great night! :D