March 30, 2010

H&M Swatches

U Must Have This. A perfect sky blue creme. It reminds me of Misa Right Here Now, No More later. It was a little thick to apply but nothing too troublesome. This was two coats and the first one I wore as a full manicure.

Sinful Senorita. A pink holo. The holo on this is very sparse and almost hidden. If you look closely enough in the sunlight you are able to see it, but otherwise, indoors it is hidden. This was the only one coater of the bunch and isn't sheer like most holos are. Application was very smooth and this is also without any topcoat.

Mad About You. A dusty purple "holo" (I believe this was supposed to be a part of their holographic collection, so that is why I'm using the term loosely). This one didn't even look holo to me, but just looked like it was glittery shimmer. It is still a nice color nonetheless. Application was good and this is two coats without topcoat again.

Liberty Girl. Gorgeous light purple. I compared it to RBL Purple Haze and Liberty Girl is a tad lighter than it. I love colors like this. It may have even topped Purple Haze for my favorite purple. Application was perfect and this was two coats.

Fashionista. This was the only shimmer of the bunch and it did not disappoint. I know the quality is off on both photos but these were the only ones that came out color accurate and I had to take like a million of it. It is a very deep purple that just glows. Application was good and this was two coats.

Dollar Green. Well, this does not remind me of the color of money. Nope, definitely not. I mean, it is a mint green! I believe Dollar Green is a part of their new limited edition collection which includes a baby blue creme. This had the worst application and was 4 coats and still did not even out and I probably should have applied topcoat to help do that.

Bella's Choice. A turquoise leaning on the blue side? I'm so bad at describing colors, sorry :/ Anyways, I assume this is probably named after Bella from Twilight since there is another color (black with shimmer I believe) called Moonless Night. Haha, I'm all for it! A MUAer said, "Didn't Bella pick a vamp?" and I have to agree that this should have been a blood red or other dark vampy color. So maybe I am wrong about the Twilight theme after all. This was two coats and application was okay, a little thick but nothing unmanageable.

I received these H&M polishes from a friend overseas, since they are not available here in the US and I don't even live near one at that. I only asked for a few and she sent me some extras that I didn't even ask for. Yay! Sara, you are too awesome. ♥♥♥

These were my first H&M polishes and overall and I am pleased. The formula was good overall with the exception of Dollar Green. I love the colors that they make, not your standard red and pinks, which in my opinion everyone could use a break from. The only thing I was a little disappointed in was their lack of glitters. I don't think I've seen a glitter polish that they have done? Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I do have a few more on the way from a swap and hopefully I'll be able to swatch those very soon.

Hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. I really don't want to buy these but you're pictures are making me drool! Good thing my birthday's coming up...

  2. I have the Dollar Green + the baby blue cream (along with a baby pink) - not pictured.
    I have to admit that the application is so bad. I used four or five coats as well and that didn't even turn out well.