January 25, 2010

Care Package!!

Look at what I found in my mailbox! This sucker was pretty heavy too as I trudged back to our third story apartment. As soon as I opened it my eyes honed in on the Hi-Chews and I savagely ripped it open and started to munch on them, while unpacking the rest of the goodies. Oh Jen, I love you...

Why yes, that is a half eaten bag of Hi-Chews you see...

LUSH Snow fairy smells amazing! I just want to eat it, literally. Jen got me a bunch of WnW polishes so I could franken with them (Woot woot!). Also two American Apparel nail polishes, although I'm sad that they've recalled all their polishes due to mislabeling or something of the sort. It makes me a bit disappointed because I was planning on hauling a bunch of them when I am in SF next month. I really hope they don't change the bottles because I heart the square bottles.

Below are some pigments from TKB trading and I think I am going to try these out in frankens! Hopefully it turns out well.

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed and now it's time for me to go play. :)


  1. No worries, AA polishes were recalled due to the bottle quality. They'll be back

  2. Heya! When you use the pigments for frankens, a little bit goes a long way. I can turn out clumpy. The finish is like the OPS Suedes or Orly Iron Butterfly but a little rougher, but it looks beautiful w/ a topcoat. Have fun!